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Keelboat "Aux Arc" and Early Arkansaw Reenactors Association

This aerial view of the Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous is fairly typical for one of our encampments, although the tipis (tepees) belong to a different group. Some encampments are larger and some are smaller, but they all share the common ground of good will, fellowship and great fun. It's hard to miss all the white canvas. There are as many styles of tents as there are people to fill them. Come step down off the mountain and see what it's all about.

Jimmy (on the left) stays in a similar type of shelter, but he has chairs and a few camp boxes to hold equipment. Mark and Sharlene are visiting.

Reggie and Keith hanging out at Woolly Hollow. The pile of canvas on the right is a camp in the process of being dismantled. Carol's camp is the large wedge in the middle, and Karen's wedge is on the left. Wedge tents (also called A-frames) are extremely common.

Another wall tent, this one belongs to Ana and Grizz. Ana is wearing a kilt and Grizz sports a bonnet.

Another great shot of the variety of tents, with the added bonus that we get to see Shep actually doing work. hmm.. looks like he's really putting his back into it.

Bryant and Kathy in a not-so-typical camp scene. The backdrop is standard rendezvous. The problem here is that Bryant is sitting down and Kathy is not working bobbin lace. They must have had a rough night. Woolly Hollow.

This scene is very representative of our events. In the foreground, camp minstrels Chris and Donna Jean regale us with music. A tomahawk throwing competition is ongoing in the background. And, in the midground, we see Bryant traversing the camp and tourists milling about. Woolly Hollow.

Greg, Lewis and Neil sharing good times at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous.

Another trio of colourful fellows: Mark, Tom and Ed. This was taken at the Gala Float at Cadron Settlement Park. Mark and Tom portrayed pirates who ambushed the keelboat that Ed was captaining. Seems like the adversaries are now friends.

Greg, Lewis and Neil sharing good times at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous.

For the last couple of years, a standard rendezvous activity is the "Ladies' Tea". The womenfolk take time out of their busy day to share tea and biscuits (in the fine English tradition) as well as "receipts" (recipes) and juicy gossip. The menfolk are not allowed. Petit Jean Mountain Rendezvous.

Another great campfire scene, this one at Petit Jean. The candles in the background light the remnants of our potluck dinner.

At the close of a glorious day we begin a glorious evening. Here a lone woman overlooks the Arkansas River at Cadron Settlement Park.

Speaking of water, here's Ed in our dugout canoe. He's in the pond at Woolly Hollow. This canoe has definitely seen better days -- you can see the water in the bottom.

We all need quiet time every now, but the frontier life does not permit excessive leisure. Here Larry Layne combines leisure with productivity -- he's fishing for bass (or is it rocks?) in Sylamore Creek.

Jimmy Allen, Adam, and Tim Richardson floating down the Ouachita river in a dugout canoe made by EARA members. This was part of the Dunbar-Hunter video that aired on Arkansas Educational Television Network. Arkadelphia, February.

Smaller events are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the company. Black River Rendezvous.

Some events are entirely rustic and are not open to the public. This gives us a chance to hone our skills and become better acquainted. Larry and Tim spend such a glorious weekend in the Ouachita Mountains near Forked Mountain.