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Keelboat "Aux Arc" and Early Arkansaw Reenactors Association

Members of EARA routinely demonstrate a wide variety of skills to help the public experience life as it was in early Arkansaw. The images below represent some of these skills.

Spinning, Weaving and Textiles in General

Carol Fritts and Karen Keating making yarn at Camp Robinson.

Larry Layne making a pair of leggings.

Karen with various textile equipment: A simple loom sits on the table at left, and an inkle is on the right table. Behind Karen are numerous skeins of naturally-dyed yarn. Cabot School Days.

Fire Starting Without Matches

Tony makes fire at White Oak 2012


Blacksmith Shop at Historic Washington State Park

Food Preparation

Julia Bethea making butter in what is probably the smallest churn on the planet. Cadron School Days.

Nelda Burdell trading herbs with Tom Reedy. Cadron School Days.

Don Lewis burning the corn. The corn is on a brazier. Notice the Dutch ovens strewn about. The cooking tripod in the foreground is not being used at the moment

Ed Williams baking bread. Notice the soot above the door -- this oven has seen lots of action! Cadron Settlement Park.

Julia Bethea makes mulled cider. Historic Arkansas Museum.

 Debra Browning prepares dinner over the campfire. Woolly Hollow State Park..

Hunting and Trapping

Steve and Mark getting ready for the hunt

Early Lighting

Boyce Browning sampling the fare by candlelight in the blockhouse at Cadron Settlement Park.


Tim Richardson playing the devil out of his new fiddle. (We know it's Tim because he's wearing a tag!.

The happy music folks Tim Richardson and Donna Jean Glasgow. Historic Arkansas Museum.

Donna Jean Glasgow and Laurine Williams with the Cadron blockhouse as a backdrop.

Firearms and Knives

RJ Stanley teaching some Cub Scouts how to pass a knife. Camp Robinson.

Jim McElmurry and Reg Talley goin’ over the finer points of a 4# field piece. Camp Robinson.

Howard Bethea and Glen Cook loadin’ a pistol. Be sure to pick up your brass.

Chuck Martin taking about the firearms used in early Arkansas.

Guns for sale. Black River Rendezvous.


Larry Thompson displaying trade goods. Cadron blockhouse.

Militia and Military

Mark Thurman talking about the militia. Cadron Settlement Park.